Weekly Prompts – White

There isn’t a lot of white in my life. I don’t wear white clothes and if my shoes have anything white on them it’s gone in about a week, stifled by the dirt and dust of city life. But every now and then I see a building and it’s so perfectly white despite its surroundings. It seems futuristic. It’s too nice for the world we live in now, but some day, in some utopian future, maybe everything will be this sleek and clean.

Economics University in Vienna, by Zaha Hadid

A post for the White Photo Challenge.


Sometimes in Vienna you don’t even have to go out to find beautiful places, you just have to look out the window. I took these pictures from the window of my dorm 8 years ago. I was not going out often during the year I spent at the dorm, except for the occasional lecture or for work. It didn’t bother me though, because the view from the window was so nice that I wasn’t feeling closed off. The dorm doesn’t exist any more. They turned it into a hotel with a rooftop bar that I visit sometimes. Every time I am there I remember living in the small double room on the third floor, sitting at my desk with a cup of coffee, listening to music and looking out the window. It was very … peaceful.


Last week when I wrote my post on Schloss Hof I wanted to link to my post on Schönbrunn, another impressive, yellow, Baroque palace in Austria, but to my dismay, I didn’t have a post on Schönbrunn. I was convinced it must have been one of my first posts, because it was one of the first things I fell in love with in Vienna, but apparently I never wrote it. I only had a post on the Schönbrunn zoo, but that isn’t even the best part (no offence, tiger, I still love you).

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Spring came to Vienna after 6 cold months, which is…at least 3 cold months too many. So we decided to finally leave the apartment and take a stroll in nature. Wilheminenberg is easy to reach and not that far from where we live, so it was our first choice. We were actually there for New Years Eve, but because of all the people and the fact that it was night, we didn’t see that much of the area and it’s definitely worth checking out during the day, because you can see the whole city from up there.


This time we decided to also look for a tower that people told us about and see what the view was like from up there. After getting “lost” for a while on the different hiking routes that circle Vienna, we finally found the tower and climbed its many, many steps towards the sky.


Haus des Meeres

Haus des Meeres is another zoo in Vienna, this time one that focuses on aquatic life. Just like with the other zoo it took me a couple of years until I finally visited it, because it always seemed to be way too expensive. I came to it, when I didn’t have any other ideas for my boyfriend’s birthday last year. It is located inside an old World War II flac tower and has, apart from sea creatures, some lizards, snakes, bugs, crocodiles and a lot of loud human children running around…

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Vienna Zoo

Despite living in Vienna for a while now, I only recently visited the zoo in the Schönbrunn Palace, which is apparently the oldest zoo in the world. It always seemed to me that it is way too expensive and even though it is really nice, it’s not a place I am likely to visit again any time soon. The only other zoo I’ve ever been to is the one in Sofia which is a lot cheaper and bigger, but with much, much sadder looking animals. The Schönbrunn zoo is still pretty big and contains a lot of animals, including some very beloved pandas. It also has some very creative ways of presenting the animals, like a rain forest house containing a dark passage with some free flying bats, that I was too scared to go through, or a passage underneath the aquarium, where you can admire the fish’s bellies.