What is something completely fascinating and absolutely terrifying at the same time? For me it’s jellyfish. They will have me snapping pictures in awe of their insane forms while I am in an aquarium and running away screaming if I see them in the sea (and I don’t see much in the sea because I can’t wear my glasses there, so a plastic bag or a reflection that looks like a jellyfish will have me scrambling too).

But hey, let me know what is something fascinating and terrifying for you. Space? Spiders? The human mind?

A sunset in Cannes

The last book I read had a story line play out in Nice and I couldn’t help but remember my first (and only) trip to the French riviera. It was last September when we flew to Nice and then took a bus to Cannes for a relaxed beach vacation. It was warm and humid during our time there, the sky was mostly clear and blinding blue which made for somewhat underwhelming sunsets at the beach. Until our last evening when the oncoming thunderstorm finally made some clouds appear and give me the sunset I was waiting for.


I went to Cannes for the sandy beaches, the palm trees and the croissants. And to feel like a movie star. I didn’t do much else other than lay on the beach until it got too hot, go into the sea to cool off and repeat the whole process until the sun went down. Then, my boyfriend and I would go back to our apartment and eat dinner on the balcony. Drink some wine. Talk about life.

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Palm trees

This week I said goodbye to one of the hottest summers in Europe by leaving the rainy, finally cool Vienna and going to Cannes, where the sun was relentless in the clear blue sky, the humidity was high and the sea water was my escape from turning into a raisin. And there were palm trees there. Palm trees are still so exotic to me. I was already a grown woman when I saw some in real life. Up until then I had only seen them in films or photographs of some far away places with glamorous sun tanned people. Now here I was, in one of those places, a place with palm trees. And I may have been more overheated and sweaty than glamorous and sun tanned, but hey, at least there were palm trees in the background.

Παλαιός Παντελεήμονας

Palaios Panteleimonas is a mountain village in Greece with a magnificent view of the sea (where you couldn’t really see where the sky ended and the sea began) and mount Olympus. I got the chance to visit it during our trip to Olympus with an organised excursion which meant that we were in a huge bus, driving on small, steep, winding, mountain streets and I swear, a couple of times the bus was so close to falling off the road. But I have to say the risk of dying paid off because we could enjoy this amazing sight.




Going to the seaside in Greece this year, I decided on a place near Mount Olympus (Leptokaria was the place). The thought behind this choice was that I really like mountains and besides wanting to go to Olympus, I really liked the idea of lying on the beach or swimming in the warm sea and looking at the huge mountains in the background. And indeed, the view from the little town was pretty impressive and sitting on the terrace in our hotel to the one side we could see the sea and to the other the mountains. I could get used to this view.


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I went to Palma de Mallorca for my 29th birthday. It was an impulsive decision made on account of the cheap plane tickets. But as soon as my boyfriend and I looked at hotel prices we understood that this 3 day trip was going to be anything other than cheap. As budget travellers we always try to find a balance between cheap and convenient (I am over hostels and shared bathrooms), but this wasn’t going to be possible in Palma in the middle of the tourist season. But hey, I can’t move my birthday. So we booked the hotel at 160 euro a night and we told ourselves this isn’t something you do every day.

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A hot walk in Belgrade

It’s early August and me and my boyfriend have travelled to Belgrade for a friend’s wedding. We took the bus from Vienna on Friday evening, after working all day and we arrive early in the morning on Saturday. It is extremely hot in Belgrade, at least 38°C. The forecast is predicting 42 degrees, a temperature I haven’t experienced since I stopped living in Bulgaria. I am nervous because I am not one for heat and I don’t want to collapse in the middle of everything. Continue reading “A hot walk in Belgrade”