New Year’s Eve in Sofia

I spent this New Year’s Eve in Sofia, my home town. My boyfriend and I went to a friend of a friend’s apartment on the 20th floor of a typical socialist looking building. The view was amazing – we saw half the city. We weren’t facing the centre, so at midnight when everything exploded with fireworks, it wasn’t an official show or anything like that. It was just a lot of people, who bought a lot of fireworks, celebrating the beginning of the new year.


And yet, New Year’s always makes me sad. It’s hope and desperation all at once. It’s a moment when the passage of time is celebrated, because it brings us away from the bad things that happened in the past and forward, towards a hypothetically better future. And maybe it will be better for some of us. Maybe it will be worse.But I can’t think about the passage of time without feeling powerless and … temporary…

So hey, happy new year to everybody!

New Year’s Eve in Bratislava

There is a new bus line (Student Agency) traveling from Vienna to Bratislava and the tickets cost us just 4 Euros! So there we are – my boyfriend, his friends and I – in one of my favourite cities, going from one awesome bar to another, until it’s time for the main event. We make our way up the hill to the castle to watch the fireworks at midnight. Many others do the same and the walls are full of people. Luckily we find a small opening that allows us to watch the city, the Danube and the sky filling up with lights. The castle itself is lit up with the Slovak flag and a big 2016.

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