Shipka is a historical site in the Bulgarian Balkan mountains. It is where Bulgarians and Russians fought against the Ottomans in 1878. It is arguably where the war was won. Now there is a big monument to commemorate the battle. I finally visited it last year as a part of an epic road trip through central Bulgaria. And I had to climb many, many stairs to get to it.

High above Pisa (on the Leaning Tower)

If you ever go to Pisa and don’t climb to the top of the Leaning Tower…well you can’t do it. They don’t let you leave the city if you don’t do it. And it shows from the worn down steps of the Tower that everyone has climbed it. It’s fun, climbing so many stairs, going in circles and feeling your body lean to one direction to counteract the lean of the bell tower.

Ha, I lied, of course, I never have fun climbing stairs. But I found that it’s usually worth it once you get to the top.

Milan Cathedral

The Milan Cathedral is a magnificent giant building that all tourists should visit. And while a peek inside would take you two days and two nights standing in queue and you will be frisked by soldiers with rifles which will find all your secret bag pockets in which you keep your feminine products, an (elevator) trip to the roof of the cathedral will only take about half a day standing in queue… and being frisked by soldiers with rifles which want to know whether or not you have something more dangerous with you than feminine products. Of course, the interior of the cathedral is impressive, but sometimes you have to ask yourself what’s more worth it.

For me it was definitely the view from the top.

Παλαιός Παντελεήμονας

Palaios Panteleimonas is a mountain village in Greece with a magnificent view of the sea (where you couldn’t really see where the sky ended and the sea began) and mount Olympus. I got the chance to visit it during our trip to Olympus with an organised excursion which meant that we were in a huge bus, driving on small, steep, winding, mountain streets and I swear, a couple of times the bus was so close to falling off the road. But I have to say the risk of dying paid off because we could enjoy this amazing sight.




Spring came to Vienna after 6 cold months, which is…at least 3 cold months too many. So we decided to finally leave the apartment and take a stroll in nature. Wilheminenberg is easy to reach and not that far from where we live, so it was our first choice. We were actually there for New Years Eve, but because of all the people and the fact that it was night, we didn’t see that much of the area and it’s definitely worth checking out during the day, because you can see the whole city from up there.


This time we decided to also look for a tower that people told us about and see what the view was like from up there. After getting “lost” for a while on the different hiking routes that circle Vienna, we finally found the tower and climbed its many, many steps towards the sky.


High above Zagreb

It’s late August and I am in Croatia’s capital city with my boyfriend. It’s hot and I feel exhausted. I am finding it hard to enjoy this trip, for some reason I feel too stressed, too displaced, too rushed. I curse myself for deciding to travel south in the summer. I know I am not good with heat, not even a little bit, but here we are. I keep forgetting my needs.

Anyway,  we have to explore the city now, we are just here for a couple of days and I don’t want to ruin the trip for my boyfriend. We have a Zagreb Card which gives us free entry to some cool stuff. We already visited the Zagreb City Museum, but I must admit, it was mainly so we could hide from the heat. Otherwise we would have preferred to walk around outside instead of closing ourselves in a museum for hours. In the evening we go to the Zagreb Eye – a tall building in the centre with a bar on top and a full view of the city. Searching for places up high is something we always do when travelling and it never disappoints. And, of course, once there, after some wine and a lot of looking outside, even I have to admit that it would be okay if we stayed a little bit longer.