High above Dublin

In what might be my only trip of 2020 I went to Dublin in March. And while there, I couldn’t miss the Guinness museum. The museum itself was fun and very well organised, but one of the best things about it was the bar at the top. It offers the best panorama views of the city and is a pretty great place to drink your pint like a proper tourist.

High above Vienna (on the Stephansdom)

The Stephansdom is one of the symbols of Vienna. This Gothic Cathedral stands tall in the perfect centre since the 14th century. Back in the day, more than 10 000 people were buried under this church. Now, a part of the catacombs is open to visitors who are interested in this kind of thing. So you could go down into the depths of the city and see its past. Or, alternatively, rise high above it for a different experience.

High above Valencia

Valencia was one of the nicest trips I’ve taken. Our apartment was in the centre, the weather was nice, the food was delicious and we had enough time to see everything and to take it easy. And so when we went up the Cathedral at the end of our 4 day trip in May, we knew what we were looking at. We saw the terrace of our AirBnb where we had breakfast, we saw the City of Arts and Sciences in the background where we went to twice, we saw the Gate Tower we had just climbed and we looked at people’s terraces, longingly, as people who don’t have such a luxury at home. We saw the old town and the modern part. The palm trees and the brown buildings. The view was well worth the small entrance price to the tower of the Cathedral and the climbing of the winding steps that I so viscerally hate.

Climbing towers is the most exhausting and yet most rewarding thing a person can do in a new city. I’ve climbed towers in Pisa, Prague, Copenhagen and Edinburgh. And yet, if there is an option for an elevator, you can bet your ass you will find me on the queue for the elevator.

High above Copenhagen

The Rundetaarn or Round Tower in Copenhagen is one of the nicer towers I’ve ever climbed. Not only is it roomy it also has no stairs. I repeat, no stairs to remind me I’m not doing enough cardio and to make me question if I have claustrophobia or if it’s normal to feel a bit disconcerted while being out of breath in a small space tens of meters above ground.

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Last week when I wrote my post on Schloss Hof I wanted to link to my post on Schönbrunn, another impressive, yellow, Baroque palace in Austria, but to my dismay, I didn’t have a post on Schönbrunn. I was convinced it must have been one of my first posts, because it was one of the first things I fell in love with in Vienna, but apparently I never wrote it. I only had a post on the Schönbrunn zoo, but that isn’t even the best part (no offence, tiger, I still love you).

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Scott Monument

The Scott Monument in Edinburgh is the highest monument dedicated to a writer in Europe. It celebrates Sir Walter Scott, who helped shape and popularize Scottish culture. The first time I was in Edinburgh it was closed, so I couldn’t climb its almost 300 small, winding steps (so sad, seeing how I love stairs). This past weekend I returned and the Monument was on the agenda.

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