A rainy day in Florence

When I was in Pisa last October I decided to jump on the train with my boyfriend and travel through the autumn Tuscan countryside to Florence for a day trip. It was raining when we got there and that drizzle continued throughout the day. Despite that, Florence was packed with tourist. The line for the cathedral was so long it went halfway around the giant building. It would have been nice to go up the tower, but we didn’t know we should book our tickets days in advance. So we made a mental note that we should return one day, better prepared, as we continued to walk in the quiet rain.

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High above Pisa (on the Leaning Tower)

If you ever go to Pisa and don’t climb to the top of the Leaning Tower…well you can’t do it. They don’t let you leave the city if you don’t do it. And it shows from the worn down steps of the Tower that everyone has climbed it. It’s fun, climbing so many stairs, going in circles and feeling your body lean to one direction to counteract the lean of the bell tower.

Ha, I lied, of course, I never have fun climbing stairs. But I found that it’s usually worth it once you get to the top.

Milan Cathedral

The Milan Cathedral is a magnificent giant building that all tourists should visit. And while a peek inside would take you two days and two nights standing in queue and you will be frisked by soldiers with rifles which will find all your secret bag pockets in which you keep your feminine products, an (elevator) trip to the roof of the cathedral will only take about half a day standing in queue… and being frisked by soldiers with rifles which want to know whether or not you have something more dangerous with you than feminine products. Of course, the interior of the cathedral is impressive, but sometimes you have to ask yourself what’s more worth it.

For me it was definitely the view from the top.