A Viennese Lamp

Vienna is a classical city, with lots of culture and class, right? Yes, that might be one side of it. But it has so many more sides. Like this one.

What is this, you might ask, because the window glare is horrendous.
I will tell you what it is.
A lamp?
Yes, a lamp. The thing on the horse’s head is a lampshade.
This shop is next to where I used to live for many years in Vienna and in all that time no one has bought the full sized horse lamp on display.
I wonder why.
I wonder who was the customer they had in mind when they designed this lamp. What is their life? What is their living room? And why? Just why?
Am I ever going to be somebody if I don’t own a full sized horse lamp?
I have so many questions, but the horse remains silent and dark.
Keep your secrets, horse. Maybe one day your light will turn on.

An answer to the Weekly Prompts – Store Display.