Fog in the Bürgeralpe

Walking around in the fog can be deeply unsettling. It can also be fascinating, calming, melancholic, exciting, poetic, scary or sad. The fog puts a blank screen up and all you see is your own brain reflected back to you from the thick curtain. So how you feel in the fog depends entirely on you. Unless there is an actual murderer chasing you, then it really isn’t your fault that you are scared.
But there was no murderer when I took the ski lift up the mountain and wound up swallowed by the fog. So I felt fascinated and tried taking as many pictures as I could, because it’s not often that I see such thick fog in such a (presumably) beautiful place.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about fog lately. I know, right, weird thing to think about. Well I’ve always liked the fog. It was rare when I was growing up and when it came it always created a sort of mystical melancholy.

When I was in Hallstatt a year and a half ago I was amazed by the clouds crawling around the mountain between the trees. When we went up the mountain we found ourselves in the middle of a cloud and for a while we could barely see the trees under us. I knew there was a whole valley and a lake underneath us, but I could see none of it. It was surreal and beautiful.

The reason why I’ve been thinking more than usual about fog now is that my anxious mind is always trying to scare me with some disaster scenario about the future and I found it pretty effective if, whenever the future pops up in my mind, I just picture fog. After all I can see the future about as effectively as I could see the mountain in that cloud. Then I have no choice but to just look around at the things near me at the moment. And that’s pretty much what I need to do.