High above Vienna (on the Stephansdom)

The Stephansdom is one of the symbols of Vienna. This Gothic Cathedral stands tall in the perfect centre since the 14th century. Back in the day, more than 10 000 people were buried under this church. Now, a part of the catacombs is open to visitors who are interested in this kind of thing. So you could go down into the depths of the city and see its past. Or, alternatively, rise high above it for a different experience.

Milan Cathedral

The Milan Cathedral is a magnificent giant building that all tourists should visit. And while a peek inside would take you two days and two nights standing in queue and you will be frisked by soldiers with rifles which will find all your secret bag pockets in which you keep your feminine products, an (elevator) trip to the roof of the cathedral will only take about half a day standing in queue… and being frisked by soldiers with rifles which want to know whether or not you have something more dangerous with you than feminine products. Of course, the interior of the cathedral is impressive, but sometimes you have to ask yourself what’s more worth it.

For me it was definitely the view from the top.