Ljubljana Castle

Being in the centre of Ljubljana you can’t help but notice the castle looming over you from the Castle Hill.

looming (in green in the rain)

So of course no visit to the city is complete without going up and enjoying the view from up there. When I was in Slovenia a while back, we went up to the castle as a part of the paid walking tour of Ljubljana that’s offered by the tourist information centre. There is a funicular going up to the castle, so already it was scoring points with me – an enemy of stairs. Also I overheard this genius exchange from other people in our group when we were waiting to go up:

“These castles are always so high up and so hard to get to.”

“Yeah…they’re fortresses.”  Continue reading “Ljubljana Castle”

A hot walk in Belgrade

It’s early August and me and my boyfriend have travelled to Belgrade for a friend’s wedding. We took the bus from Vienna on Friday evening, after working all day and we arrive early in the morning on Saturday. It is extremely hot in Belgrade, at least 38°C. The forecast is predicting 42 degrees, a temperature I haven’t experienced since I stopped living in Bulgaria. I am nervous because I am not one for heat and I don’t want to collapse in the middle of everything. Continue reading “A hot walk in Belgrade”

The accidental trip

For Valentine’s Day I really wanted to go to Melk. I’ve wanted to go there ever since I found out there is a beautiful library there. We planed the trip with my boyfriend, my friend and her boyfriend. We were all on time and had our tickets…but it turned out that the ticket we got wasn’t good for the train we wanted to take (I blame the bad website for not being more clear on what the ticket covers).We were sent to another train station where we could take another train to Melk… but we missed it by two minutes.  Continue reading “The accidental trip”

New Year’s Eve in Bratislava

There is a new bus line (Student Agency) traveling from Vienna to Bratislava and the tickets cost us just 4 Euros! So there we are – my boyfriend, his friends and I – in one of my favourite cities, going from one awesome bar to another, until it’s time for the main event. We make our way up the hill to the castle to watch the fireworks at midnight. Many others do the same and the walls are full of people. Luckily we find a small opening that allows us to watch the city, the Danube and the sky filling up with lights. The castle itself is lit up with the Slovak flag and a big 2016.

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