This is the gallery you need to see in Bratislava

It was the summer of 2012… I think. A friend of mine was doing summer school in Bratislava and I visited her on her last day there. I had been to Bratislava once before, that previous winter, doing the general touristy things – walking around in the cold, searching on the map for the things I want to see and convincing the other people of my group that it’s in this direction, guys, I am sure of it, come on, it’s not thaat cold. Taking unnecessarily long routes, drinking mead for the first time on the Christmas markets, having arguments defending gay marriage, taking pictures of buildings I knew nothing about and sitting in obvious coffee shops. You know, things like that. The second time was very different because I explored the city with people who have actually…explored the city before – the summer school friends of my friend. Continue reading “This is the gallery you need to see in Bratislava”

New Year’s Eve in Bratislava

There is a new bus line (Student Agency) traveling from Vienna to Bratislava and the tickets cost us just 4 Euros! So there we are – my boyfriend, his friends and I – in one of my favourite cities, going from one awesome bar to another, until it’s time for the main event. We make our way up the hill to the castle to watch the fireworks at midnight. Many others do the same and the walls are full of people. Luckily we find a small opening that allows us to watch the city, the Danube and the sky filling up with lights. The castle itself is lit up with the Slovak flag and a big 2016.

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