Schloss Grafenegg

In such times, when travelling outside of the country is difficult, risky and in some cases – impossible – the only thing a hungry traveller can do is explore whatever’s nearby. Luckily for me, after 11 years in Vienna, there are still places I have not visited. One such place on my list was this castle, Schloss Grafenegg. Not far from Vienna, it is usually a setting for big concerts, which is why there were several stages in its grounds. It’s also a nice place for a walk when there are no concerts scheduled. And if you walk to the small lake, you will find a surreal modern art phone box that looks like a fun random anachronism in the romantic castle’s gardens.

The statues of Budapest

Budapest has a lot of statues. Perhaps its most famous monument is the group of shoes on the bank of the Danube, honouring the Jews who had to take off their shoes before they were shot and fell into the river. But there are many other, far less heartbreaking statues sprinkled around the city. Like this fat policeman, whose belly you should rub for good luck.

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This is the gallery you need to see in Bratislava

It was the summer of 2012… I think. A friend of mine was doing summer school in Bratislava and I visited her on her last day there. I had been to Bratislava once before, that previous winter, doing the general touristy things – walking around in the cold, searching on the map for the things I want to see and convincing the other people of my group that it’s in this direction, guys, I am sure of it, come on, it’s not thaat cold. Taking unnecessarily long routes, drinking mead for the first time on the Christmas markets, having arguments defending gay marriage, taking pictures of buildings I knew nothing about and sitting in obvious coffee shops. You know, things like that. The second time was very different because I explored the city with people who have actually…explored the city before – the summer school friends of my friend. Continue reading “This is the gallery you need to see in Bratislava”

Wien leuchtet

As a part of a three day long art project, Vienna’s most famous museums – the identical Museum of Natural History and Museum of Art History – were canvases for a light show. While one of the museums showed static pictures on its façade, the other one was animated and contained statements on the nature of light and projection. And since I’m a fan of colourful, moving lights (much like a cat is), I had to go check it out.

A beach library in Bulgaria

Aimlessly scrolling down my facebook newsfeed I stumbled upon an article about the Albena beach library and I thought wait…this is in Bulgaria? And it turns out that yes, it fucking is! A German architect had the wonderful idea of making a library on the sea side of my home country. There are around 2500 books in a number of different languages and they are all completely free to borrow.  Continue reading “A beach library in Bulgaria”