The dwarfs of Wroclaw

The Polish city of Wroclaw has many hidden jems in the form of dwarf statues. They are small, multi-talented and scattered all over the city. Since 2005 they started appearing in different places and nowadays it’s almost impossible for a tourist to find all of them. I can’t even tell you how many there are because their number increases constantly. There are maps, marking their locations for the more organised hunters. For all the others, there’s the option to stroll around the town keeping your eyes open. That’s what I did and here are some of the dwarfs I found.


Like an idiot bird, I fly North in the winter. To the Baltic sea, in East Germany. I do like the melancholy atmosphere of the winter sea, the empty beaches and the feeling of being in a tourist destination, not just in the off-season, but in the dead season. In the this-shouldn’t-even-be-called-a-season season. The town, which I am sure is bustling with people in the summer months, is surprisingly normal in December. Like a cat, alone at home, doing its own thing, before the humans come back from work and start bugging it.

One of The Witcher’s locations

Have you guys seen the first season of The Witcher already? As someone who hasn’t read the books or played the games it took me a while to get into it, but by the end of the season I was already hooked. A big part of the series was filmed in Central and Eastern Europe. On the one hand to honor the fact that the books come from Poland and on the other hand it’s convenient because there are so, so many castles in Europe. One of the castles that the show uses as a filming location I recognised to be the Kreuzenstein Castle near Vienna, which I have been to!

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2019 started slow and then accelerated until I was begging for it to stop. In March I flew to Edinburgh for the second time. This time I also visited Glasgow and took a day trip through the Scottish Highlands to Loch Ness to see the monster. In May I visited Valencia, where I went to a Harry Potter Exhibition. In June I took the chance to travel around Austria and escape the heat in the mountains. In July I went to Bratislava, Budapest and Prague in the span of two weeks to meet friends. In August I was in my home city of Sofia where I celebrated my 30th birthday with my friends. The next week I also celebrated in Vienna with my other friends. In September I had my first trip ever to France when I went to lie on the beach in Cannes to feel like a movie star underneath the palm trees.

In October I began working in a new position at work which came with new challenges and new routines. I am still unsure if this position is right for me, because it’s much more dynamic and involves a lot more direct contact with clients, which is not my favourite, but I will use it as an opportunity to develop my abilities and grow. Besides, the time for change had come and I don’t miss what I left behind.

Around that time my boyfriend got bad news concerning his mother, so we flew to Germany so I could meet her. Even though we’ve been together for six years I’d never met her. We were procrastinating, thinking we have more time, until we realized we had no more time. So I met her in the hospital for the first and final time on a weekend in October.

In November we flew to Berlin again, so my boyfriend could be with his friends for his birthday. In December we flew to Berlin yet again and took a train north to the Baltic sea where my boyfriend’s mother was laid to rest at the bottom of the sea, because she wanted to keep traveling for ever.

In December we took the bus to Wroclaw in Poland where I waved this year goodbye and stumbled into the next one. We’ll see what it has prepared for me…


This post has been inspired by the Tuesday Photo Challenge.

The Museum of Broken Relationships

I read about the Museum of Broken Relationships before I travelled to Zagreb. Once there, I knew this was one of the places I wanted to visit, as it had grabbed my attention with its unusual premise. It began with two artists who broke up and met to give each other their belongings back. But then they had the idea to put those items in a museum as a tribute to their failed relationship. Over the years their museum grew with thousands of people sending their stories along with mementos from their broken relationships.

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No, Laxenburg isn’t how I misspell Luxembourg. It’s a place, close to Vienna with a castle, a park and a lake that I’ve been to a couple of times, but only in the summer, so I thought it must be wonderful in autumn. I was right, of course. Laxenburg is a great place for a walk on a sunny Saturday and a convenient day trip from Vienna. The bus ride takes only half an hour from the main station. In the park, you can rent a boat or just walk around with your legs. The castle itself is rather small and on an island that could be reached through a bridge or a very short “ferry” ride (it’s a platform on underwater rails). You could also take a guided tour around the castle if you like and although I haven’t done it, I can tell you that you don’t need to go in to have a good day. I recommend strolling around the park or sitting on a bench by the lake, looking at the people passing by with their tiny dogs.