Berliner Dom

The first time I was in Berlin was 6 years ago.
The second was last week.
The first time I didn’t go in the Berlin Cathedral and up to its dome, I don’t remember why. Maybe there was no time, maybe it was closed. Regardless of the reason, I got the chance to correct my mistake this time.

Once inside the church, I explored it with the clumsy appreciation of an atheist, who doesn’t know much about architecture. The main hall was large, with white and gold ornaments and an impressive dome ceiling. Then, I went down to the catacombs, where several noble men, women and children rested in their coffins. Finally, I climbed the over 200 steps to the dome to reach the actual reason I was in this church in the first place – the view. From up there, I saw the television tower, its tip getting obscured by a cloud, the red Town hall, the river and the rest of the Museum island. The dome offered me a 360° breathtaking view of Berlin. And the stairs were really not so bad.

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