Ah, tourists. Aren’t they the worse? They walk slowly, drive up the prices, gather in front of beautiful buildings like pigeons around a piece of bread. They form long lines and are somehow always confused about which direction they are going. You always wait patiently in line to take a picture of something and just when your turn is coming up a kid runs out and starts posing for a hundred photos. Then it forgets it’s being photographed and starts jumping around so that no one can take a picture without this kid on it for the next twenty minutes. The worst thing about being a tourist is other tourists.
But in the end you know you can’t blame them. Especially not when you are one of them.

For the Tuesday Photo Challenge.

6 thoughts on “Tourists

  1. Yes, tourists, pretty much every single person that travels to another country is a tourist, you including 😊😊😊😊 learn to love the world and appreciate the opportunity to explore it


    1. Sure they do. But if you look to popular cities like Barcelona or Venice you can’t deny the negative effects of excessive tourism. When citizens of a place can’t afford to live in their own city, because tourism drives real estate prices to the extreme, it becomes a problem. I don’t deny that I am a part of the problem, as I wrote at the end of my post.

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