I went to Cannes for the sandy beaches, the palm trees and the croissants. And to feel like a movie star. I didn’t do much else other than lay on the beach until it got too hot, go into the sea to cool off and repeat the whole process until the sun went down. Then, my boyfriend and I would go back to our apartment and eat dinner on the balcony. Drink some wine. Talk about life.

I did not feel like a movie star, but that’s okay. Usually, when I go to a fancy place, I feel like I don’t belong there, but in Cannes, I didn’t really ponder about whether or not I feel bad about not having a private yacht. I was too busy drifting in the water on my inflatable pillow and applying sunscreen several times a day.

Still, there are things to enjoy in Cannes, outside of the beach. We visited the old town which offered a nice view of the city. We looked at the celebrity hand prints to see if we recognise any names. We were impressed by how tall palm trees were. We were pleasantly surprised by macaroons. We laughed at the seagulls. We thought about going to one of the islands, but we decided we were too lazy. We applied a lot of sunscreen. And we also watched a few sunsets.

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