Harry Potter Exhibition

So there I was in Valencia last month, walking around being a tourist when a random Platform 9 3/4 appeared next to a subway station. This is weird, I thought and proceeded to take pictures with it.

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A few hours later I was out exploring the city by night when I saw a giant Dobbie holding a sock. I tried to steal it from him, because I want to be a free elf too, but I couldn’t reach it. So I still have to go to work, which is fun.

But I wondered what it was with these Harry Potter Easter Eggs in a city which, to my knowledge, has nothing to do with Harry Potter. It turned out that the (travelling) Harry Potter Exhibition was in town at the same time as me. So of course I dragged my boyfriend to it.
The exhibition showed many object which were used in the movies – anything from clothes, wands, books to magical objects and creatures. In the beginning it even had a little sorting ceremony for three volunteers. I did not volunteer, because I thought I should let the kids do it, even though the kids didn’t grow up with Harry Potter like I did, didn’t wait years for the next book to come out and should fuck off, because I need to know if I am really a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw. The three little girls that did the ceremony had to say which house was their favourite and after a short monologue in Spanish, which I did not understand, the Sorting Hat conveniently put them in the house they wanted. Shocker. The first two girls said their favourite house was Gryffindor, which was super original of them, then the third little girl stepped out and said her favourite house is Slytherin and the whole room went Oooooh, because there was a future villain right there and she was adorable. But also, surely, evil.
After that we were all released into nerd heaven.

5 thoughts on “Harry Potter Exhibition

  1. Amazing, thanks for sharing 😀 ! I saw the exhibition in Paris a few years ago and loved it, I was genuinely so excited to see it!! Not knowing if you’re a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw is a shame though! Did you figure it out in the end? 😉 Maybe you’re just a cool mixture of both!


      1. Oh, then that means you are a Ravenclaw! 😉 I have done the Pottermore too many times, but most of the times I am a Hufflepuff according to the test, and always in my heart 😛

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