High above Copenhagen

The Rundetaarn or Round Tower in Copenhagen is one of the nicer towers I’ve ever climbed. Not only is it roomy it also has no stairs. I repeat, no stairs to remind me I’m not doing enough cardio and to make me question if I have claustrophobia or if it’s normal to feel a bit disconcerted while being out of breath in a small space tens of meters above ground.

You can visit this 17th century tower for free if you have the Copenhagen Card, which we bought when we flew to the Danish capital last November. But even without the card the tower is worth it, as there is nothing that can make you love a city more than a bird’s eye view of its beautiful architecture and all the people rushing around bellow. And oh look, that’s where we were this morning and oh look that’s where we need to go and hey, is that Sweden? Can we see Sweden from here? We don’t know, but we tried. And with the holiday lights and the grey sky the view was exactly as I imagined Copenhagen in November to be – cold in weather, but warm in spirit. Blue and grey and brick red. Cloudy and beautiful.

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