Last week when I wrote my post on Schloss Hof I wanted to link to my post on Schönbrunn, another impressive, yellow, Baroque palace in Austria, but to my dismay, I didn’t have a post on Schönbrunn. I was convinced it must have been one of my first posts, because it was one of the first things I fell in love with in Vienna, but apparently I never wrote it. I only had a post on the Schönbrunn zoo, but that isn’t even the best part (no offence, tiger, I still love you).

When I first came to Vienna more than ten years ago (gah! what!), it wasn’t an easy beginning. I was very stressed and scared, but when my roommate took me to Schönbrunn I couldn’t help but be amazed by it. Walking around the garden made me feel like a princess, sneaking around to a secret meeting with someone she is not supposed to love, but does. From the Gloriette on the hill, I saw my new city laid bare in front of me and felt pretty good about my choice. That’s why I like this place. More than anything it managed to make me feel good at a time when everything was uncertain and terrifying.

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