After years of avoidance the low cost airlines have finally made their move on Vienna. And that has made shopping for my boyfriend a lot more exciting. So this year, for our five year anniversary I bought tickets to Pisa and proceeded to very badly keep it a secret. He knew the country we were going to, but I managed to keep the city a secret until we were at the gate.

Now, Pisa is absolutely perfect for a weekend trip, because it is not very big and the main attractions are really close together. We even managed to go to Florence for one of the 3 days we were there. And even though it was raining the whole day, Florence was full of tourists and the line for the Duomo didn’t have an end in sight. In this sense, Pisa was much calmer and cozier.



I must say, the tower – the main attraction of Pisa – surprised me. It was much nicer and much more impressive then I expected it to be. It was going to be a beautiful tower and an attraction, even without the whole leaning thing. Sadly, it started sinking even as they were building it and now it’s mess. And even if you think you are too cool for the stupid selfies and Oh look, I am pushing the Leaning Tower pictures, once you are there, you can’t help but to give into the hype. I have at least 50 selfies with the tower, but I am definitely keeping those to myself.


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