Edinburgh’s sea side

As a self-proclaimed melancholic soul and someone who can’t swim, I am usually not a big fan of the sea. I certainly wouldn’t picture a summer sea side vacation when I think of a perfect trip.

But I do like a winter sea. Taking a walk by the sea in gloomy weather is something that I definitely would enjoy, if I had lived somewhere that had a sea. But I never really did, so I haven’t had the chance to take many moody, grey walks, staring at the horizon and contemplating life. I feel like it’s something that would quiet the mind. 

Last November I went to Edinburgh and one of the first things I knew I had to do was the Harry Potter tour! But after that, one of the next things I said to my boyfriend that I want to do is go look at the autumn sea. When we arrived we had some problems finding the sea (what???). We took the bus to the Ocean’s Terminal (sounds about right), but you can’t really see much of the sea there, just the Royal Yacht Britannia and a lot of other ships and cranes, none of which was a part of my much expected melancholy sea side walk. I was about to give up, because we had other things on the list for the day and very little time, but my boyfriend asked someone on the street how to get to the ocean (what?????) and he showed us the way (probably thinking that we are clueless tourists who don’t know where we are and what the difference between sea and ocean is). After a 10 minute walk in the cold we finally reached the perfect place for a gloomy and freezing November walk by the seaside (full disclosure, I sang a lot of that one song by the Kooks that day).


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