2017 (was ok)

This year felt so long. Weird, I know. Usually they fly by. But thinking back I realise this year was fucking ages. So much happened.

I moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend and left the dorm after too many years. I received new responsibilities in my job, which has been stressful at times, but at least it’s progress.

Also I travelled. More than ever before, as far as I can recall.

P1120336I went to Bratislava to see Eddie Izzard live. He’s my favourite comedian and he didn’t disappoint. In an old socialist looking building in Bratislava, with hidden tables in the arm rests and cushioned seats that smelled of the 80s, I had a magical time listening about jazz chickens and Mr Stevens, head of Catering.

Then in May I went to Prague and Dresden with my friends.



In August I went to Belgrade to melt from the heat at my friend’s wedding.

I also didn’t miss the opportunities to travel around in Austria – for example to Burg Kreuzenstein, to Perchtoldsdorf and Linz.


At the end of August I spent a couple of pretty hot (weather-wise) days in Croatia – in Zagreb and Plitvice.


In September I went back home to Bulgaria and I also spent a weekend with my boyfriend, visiting Koprivshtitsa and Plovdiv.


But perhaps the greatest trip of the year and certainly the one that had me the most excited was our early November trip to Edinburgh. I fell in love with the city (as I was expecting) and I can’t wait until I go back.

Now I realise I travelled more than I wrote this year and this will have to change soon. Luckily it’s pretty cold outside and I am tired after the year I’ve had, so I am hoping that I can write more often and I can fill the gaps soon.

It was a pretty successful year, in the end. Here’s to hoping that next year won’t be worse.

Have another picture of the back of my head.


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