Haus des Meeres

Haus des Meeres is another zoo in Vienna, this time one that focuses on aquatic life. Just like with the other zoo it took me a couple of years until I finally visited it, because it always seemed to be way too expensive. I came to it, when I didn’t have any other ideas for my boyfriend’s birthday last year. It is located inside an old World War II flac tower and has, apart from sea creatures, some lizards, snakes, bugs, crocodiles and a lot of loud human children running around…

The most exciting thing however, happened in the crocodile park, where the animals (crocodiles, turtles, fish, some monkeys) were chilling in perfect symbiosis.

like this.

The turtles were swimming around the crocodile like it was all perfectly fine, even swimming through the crocodile’s open jaws without anyone daring them to do so. After this happened multiple times, I suppose, the crocodile got annoyed that the highway goes through its mouth and snapped, just as one stupid turtle had its head in its jaws. We were all shocked as we watched the giant lizard lift up the turtle by its head and literally throw it back in the lake like in some sick spitting competition. Don’t worry though, the turtle swam away really fast and just a couple of minutes later was back to annoying the perfectly still crocodile.


After all the excitement of watching a turtle almost part with dear life, we continued up through the tower, until we reached the final floor and the terrace with this perfectly acceptable view of Vienna.

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