Znojmo (Part 2 – Below)

So a year and a half ago I wrote a post titled Znojmo (Part 1 – Above) which seems like a weird title for a post on its own. Or maybe a really hipster one. Like I meant to do it like this.

But the reason is, of course, procrastinating writing the second part. I wanted a separate post for the sweet little Czech town above ground and the catacombs lying hidden underneath and it took me too long to get to the second part and now it’s weird and we don’t like talking about it.

Lets just pretend I did it for the suspense. So here is the long awaited continuation.  

Walking around Znojmo, you wouldn’t really suspect the things that lie below the surface. It pays to read a little bit about a town before visiting it, which is something I don’t usually do, but luckily, this time, I was travelling with people who do and we knew we had to tour the underground tunnels of the town. They are actually one of the largest tunnel systems in Central Europe and consist of about 27 km of tunnels on up to 4 storeys and were build back in the 14-15th century. They are not really catacombs, as there are no real bones lying around (only plastic ones). They’ve mainly been used for shelter in times of war (and apparently for hiding from evil, nagging wives the rest of the time). When we were there we took the classing sightseeing tour, which told us of the history of the tunnels and showed us around. There are also some alternative, adrenaline tours which also sounded interesting…for people who don’t mind getting wet and dirty.


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