My first time in Prague

My first time in Prague was in the summer of 2013. A friend of mine was doing an exchange semester in Bratislava and I went to visit her one day. There I met some of her friends – a British guy and a German guy – and we spend a fun day together. The guys were actually planning a trip to Prague, which my friend couldn’t attend, and they invited me to join them. 

It was a strange time in my life, the summer of 2013. After my anxieties had gotten out of control the previous year, I had to seek the help of a therapist and to make a couple of lifestyle changes. Then that May was the first time in a long while when I felt that was ok and I wanted to challenge myself and enjoy this newfound okayness.

So I said yes.

Yes, I will go to a different country, to a place I’ve never been to before with two guys I had known for no more than a day and we will all sleep in a hostel, which I had also never done before, even though travelling and new situations, and places, and people are things that turn my anxiety dial to the max.

I decided I was ready for adventures and it actually turned out great. The guys were really good company. They even brought me to my first ever strip club, although I clearly said I want to go to a jazz bar. The city was beautiful. All of it inspired me. I dreamed of living as a struggling writer, meeting my struggling writer friends for a drink in a smoky bar, talking about our ideas and our books under the sounds of smooth saxophone jazz. Walking those small, historical streets, seeing the beautiful architecture took me to a different world, where I didn’t have to worry about everyday stuff. With every next trip to Prague I remember that time and it reminds me that I can enjoy things deeply despite my anxieties. I just have to be brave and do it. Also, wine helps. A lot.

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