I feel Awkward admitting I watched an MTV Show

I am really ashamed of admitting I watched MTV’s Awkward for all of its 5 seasons… But at least now I can tell you all about it and spare you the pain! It’s a teenage show about a girl, Jenna Hamilton, who in the first season has a kind of a bathroom accident (not like that) and people in her high school think she tried to kill herself and so she becomes an instant celebrity. Enter high school drama. Lots and lots of it.


Jenna didn’t want any of this – she just wanted for the most popular boy in high school, Matty, to like her and she writes a lot in her blog about it. I know, that sounds so special for a teenage girl. A couple of years later she has had a couple of thousand unsuccessful relationships with Matty and some with Non-Matties who were only ever defined by their non-Matty-ness. She wants to become a writer and to go to this fancy university that has a really great writing programme. She meets Luke who goes to this fancy university and is an intellectual-writer-type like the one she wants to be, so she starts dating him, until she has to ditch him to save Matty from his evil girlfriend. Things happen, bla bla bla, she graduates and decides she loves Matty and wants to be with him. Sadly, she doesn’t get into Fancy University, she gets into Crappy University in Maine. Matty gets into California University (sorry, I’m not American, I don’t know their universities) and so they decide to be in a long distance relationship! Matty doesn’t like California University (he’s studying to be a …football player?) and wants to move to Crappy University to be with Jenna. But Jenna is really into being a Hippie pseudo intellectual now (it’s basically that part of the O.C. with Summer going to that one university, except Jenna and Matty aren’t half as good as Seth and Summer) and doesn’t want Matty in her world, because he doesn’t fit in there. Jenna tells Matty he’s been hit on the head far too often with a football and he’s speaking gibberish, because it’s a really stupid idea to give up on your awesome education for your high school girlfriend who you’ve broken up with at least 13 times already. Yay for common sense. The summer after their first year they all go back to their home town (oh, I forgot to mention there are other characters as well…). Jenna has a writing internship for some website a-la Buzzfeed. It turns out Luke got her the job! She gets back together with Luke. Jenna struggles to get published on the website until she writes about the only thing she cares about – her relationship with Matty. Everyone loves it. Then Luke pulls some strings and gets her to be accepted into Fancy University! Now if at this point you’re thinking this Luke sounds like an awesome guy, you’ve forgotten his ultimate flaw of not being Matty. Admittedly, Luke is pushing Jenna into this life – the job, the Fancy University – and is pressuring her to perform and Jenna finds out she doesn’t like that. She doesn’t like the website which edits her articles (as a website does to make them go viral) and the fancy people at the fancy university, because … they are too intellectual for her? She misses Crappy University and her friends which are still at the intellectual level to think she is smart and has something to say. She misses … the sandwiches in Maine? Writing about Matty without worrying about the views? I don’t know what she misses, because Luke insists she transfers and she’s like, sure, I will transfer to this university I really wanted to go to, because now you said I should. And her friends are like, hey, Jenna, you are only transferring to be with Luke. And she admits being with a guy is all she cares about. Or something like that. And then Matty (who apparently hasn’t heard the definition of insanity) decides he loves Jenna and she is his soulmate or something and he insists she doesn’t transfer and she says, sure, lets kiss, even though I actually still live with Luke and he still thinks we’re cool. End final season. Jenna learns the values of being a big fish in a small pond, of not trying to pursue her dreams, because she’s really comfortable in Maine where nothing ever happens and … that’s about all she learns. Jenna doesn’t fail at her fight, she just gives it up. I know I should have stopped watching a while ago. I read that the first 3 seasons were good and then they changed the show-runners, but I can’t quite remember past the Matty drama. I stopped caring about them getting together probably in the first season. It was just so obvious to me that they are a bad fit…Lets put it like that – the happy ending of Awkward to me is that awkward time in Gilmore Girls when Rory gave up Yale and decided to be a big ball of nothing in a fancy dress. The difference being that Rory snapped out of this, rejected being tied up to a guy and went forward to explore her career options. Jenna ended up at the same camp with the same guy she was with in the Pilot. I take everything back, she hasn’t learned anything. Why are we still making shows like this? And when is Gilmore Girls coming back?

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