Znojmo (Part 1 – Above)

This small Czech town has been on my list for a while – mainly because it’s pretty close to Vienna. I finally visited it a couple of weeks ago for a surprisingly sunny Sunday. 

Sometimes my favourite thing about Vienna is how easily you can leave it and be somewhere completely different an hour later. In this case it took me personally a bit longer than an hour because I brilliantly forgot my ID at home and they didn’t want to let me on the bus. Good thing they didn’t, because I guess border controls are back on now… Better to be stuck at home than somewhere on the border in the middle of nowhere. It was beginning to look like this will be yet another failed trip, but as I said, it’s easy to leave Vienna. I rushed back home, got my ID and was on a train to Znojmo an hour later. My friends had gotten on the bus, so that part of the journey was my own. It was nice to be determined to go somewhere for once, instead of my usual cautious reluctance. I am an anxious traveller. Always have been. And yet, I can’t stop myself. I just want to go. I’ve always just wanted to go to so many places. As I sat on the train with a book in my hand and the sun in my eyes, I felt the taste of adventure, of exploration and I was reminded of why I can never let my anxieties win this fight. I just can’t give this up, damn it.



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