This is the gallery you need to see in Bratislava

It was the summer of 2012… I think. A friend of mine was doing summer school in Bratislava and I visited her on her last day there. I had been to Bratislava once before, that previous winter, doing the general touristy things – walking around in the cold, searching on the map for the things I want to see and convincing the other people of my group that it’s in this direction, guys, I am sure of it, come on, it’s not thaat cold. Taking unnecessarily long routes, drinking mead for the first time on the Christmas markets, having arguments defending gay marriage, taking pictures of buildings I knew nothing about and sitting in obvious coffee shops. You know, things like that. The second time was very different because I explored the city with people who have actually…explored the city before – the summer school friends of my friend. One of them took us to this gallery in the centre, the entrance to which cost just 2 Euro. Before going into the room he made us close our eyes, hold hands and walk in like this. When it was time to open our eyes I almost screamed from the sudden vertigo I got. I was actually on a narrow black path and on both my sides was an endless abyss of books. It took me a couple of seconds to realize what kind of space I was in and that it wasn’t stretching out to infinity, but rather had very strategically placed mirrors…and only two normal sized walls of books.

Since then I’ve taken my own friends there and made sure they go in with their eyes closed for a proper mind-blowing moment. And it’s worth mentioning that the rest of the exhibition isn’t that impressive, at least to me. But that one room, man, it’s a different world. It was the strongest effect a gallery has ever had on me. The photos can’t capture that, so if you have a chance to see it in person – do it.

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