The accidental trip

For Valentine’s Day I really wanted to go to Melk. I’ve wanted to go there ever since I found out there is a beautiful library there. We planed the trip with my boyfriend, my friend and her boyfriend. We were all on time and had our tickets…but it turned out that the ticket we got wasn’t good for the train we wanted to take (I blame the bad website for not being more clear on what the ticket covers).We were sent to another train station where we could take another train to Melk… but we missed it by two minutes. By that time my friend and I were very angry and the boyfriends weren’t really bothered by the whole thing (which made us even more angry). As it was already late and it didn’t really make sense to wait for the next train to Melk, we decided to use the tickets we had for something and just took the next train leaving the station and got out at its last stop. We found ourselves in a city we never knew existed, never planned to visit and probably would have never visited if it wasn’t for the whole disaster with the trains. We were in …wait for it *drum roll* Neulengbach!  This wasn’t the worst place to end up in, to tell you the truth. There was a castle on the hill in the centre, its walls full of holes, left from the Second World War and we had damn good coffee afterwords (by coffee I mean we wanted to get coffee but got wine and cake instead). And so, surprisingly, our Valentine’s Day trip wasn’t ruined, it was an adventure.

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