New Year’s Eve in Bratislava

There is a new bus line (Student Agency) traveling from Vienna to Bratislava and the tickets cost us just 4 Euros! So there we are – my boyfriend, his friends and I – in one of my favourite cities, going from one awesome bar to another, until it’s time for the main event. We make our way up the hill to the castle to watch the fireworks at midnight. Many others do the same and the walls are full of people. Luckily we find a small opening that allows us to watch the city, the Danube and the sky filling up with lights. The castle itself is lit up with the Slovak flag and a big 2016.

After a while we are freezing and most of the fireworks are over, so we continue bar hopping. The great thing about Bratislava is that the old town is full of bars and clubs. When one decides to close, we just move to the one next door. When that one closes as well and we still have no clue how we’re getting home when we haven’t bought any return tickets, we just take an overpriced taxi to the train station and get the first train back at 6 am.

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