Looking back and looking forward

Happy New Year, my dear Readers!

For me, 2015 was one of the hardest, but ultimately one of the most successful years of my life. I got my Master’s Degree, I traveled around a bit and I finally found  a full time job, that I enjoy. If I say it like that it sounds amazing, even to me, but the reality was far from it. Months and months of confusion, anxieties, stress, stress, stress, uncertainty, health problems and panic attacks. I remember a day in the heat of summer when I looked at the state of me and thought that by the end of the year I will either have my shit together or I will be in a mental institution. Thank God it was the first.

So this has been a critical year for me, only second to 2008 when I graduated high school and moved 1000 km to a new country to go to university. It’s been hard, very very hard. I’ve come out the other side, if not physically, then definitely psychologically damaged. Which is why it means so much that I have finally reached some sort of stability. Stability I have never ever had before. And I am so looking forward to this year. I have made plans for trips and for doing the things I want to do the most, but most importantly I am looking forward to breathing and recovering my exhausted nerves. I’m not saying there won’t be hard times ahead, just that all my hard work and pain has paid off and it’s put me in a great place. Last year has been one very slow and excruciating leap forward. But now it’s over. I am so happy it’s over. I am so happy I survived. The thing I hope for the most is that this year will not be one to be survived, but rather one to be enjoyed. And this is my wish for all my readers. Just have a year that you can enjoy.

Love, Kristina

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