An autumn walk in Munich

Last month I was invited by a company in Munich for a job interview and seeing how I didn’t have any other offers thrown at me at the time, I had to go and see if that could work out.

I had mixed feelings about my potential move. I knew it could be good for me, but I also knew it was going to be super stressful. It was going to force me into a long-distance relationship and yet again, put distance between me and my friends. I needed a job, yes, but was this the job that was best for my career path? It wasn’t my ideal choice, but what else could I do when the months and months I had spent looking for a job in Vienna weren’t giving me any results? Needless to say, the time leading up to the interview was torture for me. My boyfriend accompanied me there, partly for moral support and partly because we thought this could be a nice trip for our two year anniversary.

After the interview ended and they had decided that I am not the right person for the job, I could finally breathe. I was happy I didn’t have to move and my whole life didn’t have to change. Now I knew I had to focus my energy on looking for a job in Vienna. At least for now, that was the best thing for me. And who knows, in the future maybe I would move here. But not like this. Not alone and forced to do it, because I was running out of money and options.

As life returned to my stressed out body and the sun came out on the cold October day, we could finally walk around exploring the city. We went to the English garden and saw the Chinese tower, which apparently is a famous beer drinking spot. We then walked around in the centre and I remembered places I had seen when I was on a school trip to Munich more than ten years ago. The people were very friendly and what we could see of the city was beautiful. I was exhausted, but optimistic, because at least now I knew where I stood. I enjoyed being just a tourist.

3 thoughts on “An autumn walk in Munich

  1. Glad you saw the bright side of this. Hope you find the right job when the time comes. At least you had the chance to see some really beautiful places, right? 😀 Take care !

    – Lashaan


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