A trip to the zoo

I’ve been to the zoo in Sofia many times since I was a child. It was a while since the last time though and now that my boyfriend is visiting my home city and our plans for the day fell through, I decided it’s going to be interesting for him to see it too.It’s not a very nice zoo to be honest. I can’t help but feel sorry for the animals. Still, it gives you the awesome opportunity to see animals that you’d otherwise never see. And I guess if some money is invested in the place, it could become really nice. It certainly is big and there are lots of species, but it can definitely benefit from some renovations and improvements. It’s stayed pretty much the same for the last decades and with the modest entry fee of about 2 euro, it’s not like there’s money flowing in on a regular basis. I hope this changes soon, because the animals deserve something better for sure.

P1090253 P1090257P1090260 P1090264 P1090268 P1090269 P1090261 P1090262 P1090263 P1090341 P1090280 P1090281 P1090285 P1090289 P1090294 P1090295 P1090300P1090306 P1090308 P1090310 P1090311 P1090314 P1090330 P1090333 P1090337 P1090339 P1090340

5 thoughts on “A trip to the zoo

  1. Those animals look so pretty. :O Zoos around here charge way more than 2 euros and there isn’t even an animal bigger than a cat. I’m surprised how cheap it is there. They should definitely get some income coming and improve the place. It’s the least they can do when having captured wild animals that were born to be free. You still managed to capture some nice picture there! 😀

    – Lashaan


  2. Last time I was there with my son, there was so much construction just adjacent that it was hard to figure out to get there. And to get there without a car was virtually impossible. We ended up taking a taxi when normally we could have gotten almost anywhere in Sofia with a bus, tram, or trolley. Still, the zoo was better than I would have expected and the grounds were quite large. Thanks for sharing such lovely photos.


    1. Oh, that sucks about the construction! There was a lot going on now too, but there was no problem to reach it with the bus 120. And yes, the grounds are very big and there are so many species! There is certainly a lot of potential in the zoo if they find the money to invest in it!


  3. I hope they change the condition of the animal husbandry and turn them into species-appropriate husbandry! it’s very difficult for me because on the one hand, I really want to go in the zoo and see the exotic animals live, but on the other hand, the zoo is just pure animal abuse and if you really love animals, you dont pay money to watch them live in cages, apart from their homes under bad conditions.


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