A beach library in Bulgaria

Aimlessly scrolling down my facebook newsfeed I stumbled upon an article about the Albena beach library and I thought wait…this is in Bulgaria? And it turns out that yes, it fucking is! A German architect had the wonderful idea of making a library on the sea side of my home country. There are around 2500 books in a number of different languages and they are all completely free to borrow. 

Especially Yordan Yovkov’s short story Albena – that gave the resort its name – is offered to tourists in six different languages. It’s a story we read in school about a woman arrested for her husband’s murder. As she goes through the crowd of angry people though, everyone is stricken by her beauty and their contempt turns into regret. It all changes fast again when her lover steps forward and the people of the village realize she has been unfaithful to her husband and has thus violated patriarchal laws.

The library is made especially to withstand sun and water and protect the books. It’s the third of its kind in the world and first in the EU. People can also leave their own books and take whatever they like. I just love the idea and the execution of it. As someone who wouldn’t go to the beach without a book anyway, I would definitely stop by this place the next time I’m at the Black Sea!


Photos: albena.bg

3 thoughts on “A beach library in Bulgaria

  1. I was in Albena with my husband, children, and parents in 2011 and didn’t see this wonderful library. When was it established? Anyway it’s a fabulous idea and should be replicated on beaches everywhere (but especially the fantastic beaches of the Black Sea coast)!


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