Rainy Vienna

Last week was excruciating. Perpetual sun, no clouds in sight and temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. I would have loved to run away to a cool place, but my tiny room gets even hotter than it is outside. Thankfully, all of this was interrupted by the summer rains. I love me some summer rains! The smell of wet asphalt, the fresh wind, the surge of energy I get after being drained of it by the heat day after day. I swear, my motivation to do anything is hundred times higher on rainy days than it is on hot, sunny ones.

Now that we got my love for rain out of the way, let’s get to the point! During the seven years I’ve lived in Vienna, I have enjoyed its rainy weather many times. Here are some of them.

6 thoughts on “Rainy Vienna

    1. Oh I wish you were right and it rained all the time! I would enjoy it way more than the hot summer days, when my room turns into a sauna.
      Have you tried visiting in the summer? There’s a good chance you’d have a rainless trip then.


      1. Interesting to hear. So far, I’ve always either visited in winter or spring. Maybe I’ll come back this summer to finally feel a hot day in Vienna. But I can fully relate to your experience, I’ve been living in the south of Germany for some years. In summer, it got extremly hot from time to time…

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