VH1 has made a TV show and it’s exactly what you would expect

220px-VH1_logonew.svgHey, remember VH1? It was like MTV but for your parents? Well, apparently, it has changed quite a bit since the last time I have watched it and, like MTV, is producing fictional shows. Oh and we are the target group now.

VH1 was always focused on retro music. When I was watching it in my teens this was anything from the 60s until the 80s. Now… it’s apparently the 90s.

Ah, the 90s. Nostalgia for this era is all over the internet. Weird plastic toys, weird fashion, awesome music and generally a simpler time, when kids were playing outside, scraping their knees and flying kites. Computers weren’t such a big deal, phones were at home, video stores still existed and people were buying newspapers left and right. It seems like it was yesterday… except the fact that 1995 was 20 years ago. No wonder VH1 loves the shit out of the 90s. It’s retro now.

So what would a fictional show made by VH1 look like? Nostalgic? Having a lot of retro music? Set in the past? Yes, all of those things! But how would they do that? Well, time travel of course. You see, Hindsight‘s main heroine Becca is a modern woman. She revels in the possibility of watching a movie on her iphone. But she has made some choices she regrets – her career, her first marriage, her broken friendships. On the eve of her second wedding to a guy she isn’t sure she wants to marry, she goes out and has a standard existential crisis, questioning the last 20 years of her life. Luckily for her, she stumbles onto the only black guy in the series (who turns out to be magic) and by some intervention of the universe wakes up in 1995 when she was 23. The sound of Ace of Base coming from the radio and the sight of a discman shock her and make her think she has lost her mind – a reaction all of us would have when faced with those things. She had been brought back to the day of her first wedding and has to decide if she wants to marry her hot Australian artist husband again, knowing they end up divorcing, or she should go and be with her hot nerdy second almost husband from the beginning and spare herself the drama. She ponders those questions with the help of her still-best-friend-but-not-in-the-future-best-friend best friend who has a film degree and works in a, you guessed it, video store (damn it, why did the world had to get rid of this career opportunity for film studies graduates? We don’t have that many anyway)! Through all of this she is looking for answers from the universe – What is she supposed to do? Can she change something or is it all predestined? Who is she meant to be with? – and ignoring the most important question of them all – Why does the universe care about the love life of this random woman at all? And why isn’t it using time travel for like… actual important stuff? Anything other than getting this woman laid with hot guys (one of them is literally named Hot Todd)?

But hey, the 90s. It was a different, simpler time. Maybe the universe just wanted to see it again. Sadly the show has been cancelled after its first season. Now we will never know which hot guy Becca will actually chose…

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