Every year Vienna organizes a lot of open air events. I can’t keep up with all of them. As soon as the weather starts to warm up, Austrians plant themselves on all park lawns, riverside steps and Danube islands and organisers start sending DJs and musicians and portable toilets there to entertain them. This time, at the Donaukanaltreiben, it was all happening right next to where I live. There were Djs, bands, people selling t-shirts and jewellery, coffee and beer and also a lot of other events that we didn’t get to see – circus performers, yoga and poetry slams. But we went to grab a beer and played the fun game “How many times will we smell pot” (the answer is one continuous time coming from all sides). But hey, the sky looked amazing and there was a girl dressed as a fairy making soup bubbles and we sat for a while drinking and listening to the music and it was a nice change from my regular days.

I wonder how much they are paying that girl and how many hours did she stay there entertaining the crowd…

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