The Alaskan town that lives in one building

Vsauce‘s youtube channel is full of wonderful, intelligent and well made videos. Following them got me to this video of a peculiar town in Alaska. Cut off from the world, surrounded by mountains, it’s even more isolated than the rest of the already isolated state. Its population is around 200 people and almost all of them live in the same building.

Personally, I have never really lived in a city with less than a million people. I could never imagine living in a city like Wittier. It’s so different from what I’m used to that I can’t help but feel fascinated by it. I probably won’t even get to visit it, but looking at the video sure makes me want to explore more of the world. More than anything though, it makes me want to find a job where I get to make videos like this.

Media courtesy of the Field Day youtube channel. 

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